ANA and Connexion by Boeing Sign Mobile Internet Services Agreement
ANA and Connexion by Boeing Sign Mobile Internet Services Agreement

ANA and Connexion by Boeing Sign Mobile Internet Services Agreement

ANA and Connexion by Boeing Sign Mobile Internet Services Agreement

ANA (All Nippon Airways) and Boeing today announced that the two companies have signed a definitive service agreement for the installation of the Connexion by Boeing mobile Internet service on the air carrier’slong-haul fleet of aircraft. The announcement was augmented by an agreement with SESAMERICOM for satellite coverage over the North Pacific region, to be used by ANA and otherleading global air carriers. During a joint press conference in Tokyo, Connexion by Boeing President Scott Carson praised ANA and SES AMERICOM for their contributions and support in helping to make connectivity possible for people on the move in the Asia- Pacific region.

"ANA is to be commended for moving swiftly to ensure its passengers benefit fromthe added value that mobile connectivity can bring to the passenger travel experience andto airline operations," said Carson. "This agreement helps them address one ofthe most requested passenger amenities — real-time, affordable connectivity — whilefurther positioning the airline as a leader in passenger services. That service offeringis bolstered by the capabilities provided to us by SES AMERICOM, which supplies us with aworld- class service provider, and a coverage solution that will benefit ANA and the otherleading air carriers who are helping to drive the mobility revolution that’s under wayaround the world."

"Connexion by Boeing provides ANA with an innovative technology solution that webelieve will best meet our customers’ expectations and needs for in- flightcommunications," said Senior Vice President, Engineering & Maintenance, ShinsukeMaki. "We look forward to bringing the benefits of real-time connectivity to ourpassengers in the very near future."

With the framework of the agreement in place, members of the ANA and Connexion byBoeing teams are now focusing on defining the installation schedule and the specificsregarding start of service and introductory routes, which will be announced at a futuredate once the current restructuring of the ANA long-haul fleet is completed. Financialterms of the arrangement were not disclosed.

The agreement with SES AMERICOM is the logical next step in Connexion by Boeing effortsto provide service coverage on the majority of the routes served by commercial airlineoperators. With the additional satellite capacity, the mobile services provider can nowoffer in-flight connectivity coverage from the eastern U.S. seaboard to Europe and partsof Asia, continuing around the globe, reaching back to the Western United States.Connexion by Boeing recently announced its intent to expand its core business into themaritime environment. Once deployed, vessel operators in the North Pacific region will usethe SES AMERICOM satellite capability to enhance ship- to-shore-communications.

Based on the terms of the agreement, SES AMERICOM will outfit its new hybrid WORLDSAT-3satellite, to be built by Alcatel Space, with dedicated Ku- band transponders to be usedby the Connexion by Boeing service. Scheduled for launch by the end of 2005, WORLDSAT-3will provide Connexion by Boeing with satellite capacity over a region stretching as farwest as Singapore and Korea, above the Arctic Circle, south below New Zealand and as fareast as the western coast of the U.S. Once launched, WORLDSAT-3 will be parked in anorbital slot located at 172 degrees East and be primarily used for high-data rateconnectivity services. Connexion by Boeing will begin service in portions of the NorthPacific region beginning in early 2005 using interim satellite service providers until theWORLDSAT-3 satellite comes online.

Connexion by Boeing Director of Supplier Management Jeff Flagel notes that leasingtransponders on Ku-band satellite presents a low-risk solution for providingsatellite-based broadband services to aircraft and maritime vessels.

"Using leased, dedicated transponders is a solid, economical approach to providingthe necessary system capacity, bandwidth and transoceanic coverage to commercial andprivate airline operators and the passengers they serve," said Flagel. "Ouragreement with SES AMERICOM is an excellent example of that strategy in a manner that notonly benefits our commercial and private aircraft customers, but also allows us to expandour core business in the process."

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Connexion by Boeing, recipient of the 2003 World Travel Award for World’s LeadingHigh-Speed Internet Services Provider, brings broadband Internet, data and entertainmentconnectivity to travelers. In addition to ANA, the Boeing business unit recently announceda high-speed connectivity solution for the business aviation market, and definitiveservice agreements with Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines System and Japan Airlines toequip their long-haul aircraft with the mobile connectivity service. In addition,Singapore Airlines, China Airlines and Kingdom Holding Co. have announced their intent toinstall the Connexion by Boeing system on their long-range aircraft. For information aboutthe Connexion by Boeing service, visit general information, visit