NEC LCD Technologies' 21.3 Inch UXGA TFT LCD
NEC LCD Technologies' 21.3 Inch UXGA TFT LCD

NEC LCD Technologies' 21.3 Inch UXGA TFT LCD

NEC LCD Technologies' 21.3 Inch UXGA TFT LCD

NEC LCD Technologies, Ltd. today announced that shipments of the 21.3 inch UXGA TFT (Thin Film Transistor) color LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) module, part number ‘NL160120BC27-02’, will commence October 2003. This module incorporates NEC LCD Technology’s own Super Advanced Super Fine Technology (SA-SFT).

Realizing a viewing angle range of 170 degrees and UXGA resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels the main features of this new module are as follows;

(1) High resolution achieved through an ultra wide color gamut of 72% of NTSC, brightness of 250 cd/m2, and a high contrast of 500:1.
(2) Adjustment of gamma characteristics enabled by writing the 10 bit internal LUT (Look up Table).
(3) Compact frame structure enabling 87.5% screen share.
Recently in the market for monitors for CAD and CG use there is an ever increasing need, in addition to high resolution, to achieve realistic reproduction of color, and wide angle viewing that realizes uniform viewing from every viewing angle.

NEC LCD Technologies’ Super Fine Technology (SFT), based upon in-plane switching (IPS) ultra-wide viewing angle technology, is one of NEC’s core LCD technologies. Since introducing its SFT technology, NEC LCD Technologies has made continual strides to improve its feature set. Each generation has resulted in further evolution of features.

SFT to Advanced SFT (A-SFT): NEC succeeded in increasing module response time two-fold and minimizing color shift when changing viewing direction.
A-SFT to SA-SFT: NEC substantially improved panel transmissivity enabling reductions in power consumption and raising of brightness levels.

NEC LCD Technologies is committed to developing TFT LCD solutions designed to meet the requirements of industrial and high-value added display applications.

Main specifications of the NL160120BC27-02
Display mode: Amorphous silicon TFT active matrix Screen size: 432mm x 324mm Diagonal screen size of 21.3-inches (54cm) Resolution: Horizontal 1,600 x Vertical 1,200 pixels (1,920,000 pixels) Filter: RGB vertical stripe Pixel pitch: Horizontal 0.270mm x Vertical 0.270mm No. of colors: 16,777,216 colors Luminance: 250cd/m2 TYP. Color gamut: 72% TYP. (Against NTSC color space) Contrast ratio: 500:1 TYP. Viewing angle range: Horizontal: Right and Left side 85 degree TYP. Vertical : Up side and Down side85 degree TYP. (Contrast ratio of over 10:1) Response time: 25msec Interface: LVDS 2port 8-bit digital RGB Operating temperature: 0 to +55 degrees Storage temperature: -20 to +60 degrees Frame: 457mm TYP. x 350mm TYP. x 25mm TYP. Power consumption: 30.7W TYP. (without inverter loss) * Inverter sold separately.

About NEC LCD Technologies, Ltd.

NEC LCD Technologies, Ltd. is one of the world's leading providers of
color LCDs to focused customer needs. The company develops, designs, manufactures and sells color LCDs and target the industrial market by providing value-added, specialized customization for high-end monitors. The company will focus its business model to concentrate on the development of high-luminance display modules, high-speed response technologies, ultra-wide viewing angle technologies and adaptive design technologies that are in demand for display products. The company employs approximately 1200 people.For further information, please visit the NEC LCD Technologies, Ltd. home page at:

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