DoCoMo Press Conference: Exclusive Access
DoCoMo Press Conference: Exclusive Access

DoCoMo Press Conference: Exclusive Access

DoCoMo Press Conference: Exclusive Access

On Sept. 4th WWJ attended the Otemachi Corporate News Room for a press conference hosted by DoCoMo President and CEO Dr. Keiji Tachikawa. He covered a wide range of topics including; a new carry-over billing plan and upgraded service offerings for FOMA, brisk sales – 2.7 million units – of the recently launched 505 series handsets and the new ‘Hearty Style’ campaign package for handicapped users. He also took questions regarding their current and upcoming 3G activities in China and Taiwan, and offered his personal thoughts on the differing strategies between DoCoMo and Vodafone. If you need the full-skinny, in English, we’re the only game in town!

It was really an honor to be invited (and the only western media in the room) to hear Dr.Tachikawa speak, thankfully they provided the simultaneous translation service as well.

Perhaps one of the most interesting comments from the presentation referred to DoCoMo’s current R&D on electro-magnetic waves (generated by thoughts in your brain) for future applications targeted to help handicapped people to communicate via digital devices!!Whew.. now that would make for a great video program 😎

Some of the main points from his presentation:

Carry Over Unused Monthly Allowances for up to Two Months
Under the new billing to take effect on November 1, any unused portion of the subscriber’s allowance for voice and data (i-mode mail and other packet transmissions) communications not used in a given month will be carried over for up to two months. The unused portion ofthe subscriber’s allowance is scheduled to be noted on their monthly invoices. Theservice, called “Nikagetsu Kurikoshi” (two-month carry over), applies to all 2GMova and 3G Foma subscribers, including those using the “FOMA Packet Pack”Discount or “Yu Yu Call” Discount Bonus System. Subscribers using the “Doccimo billing plan” are excluded.

Package Discounts to Include Video Calling
Yu Yu Call™ discounts will be extended to include 3G videophone communication beginning October 1, 2003. The existing service offers discounts of up to 30% on calls to up to five user-designated phone numbers. Withthe change, customers will also receive Yu Yu Call discounts when using FOMA videophone,M-stage V-Live™ video streaming or M-stage Visual Net™ videoconferencing during calls to designated phone numbers.

The Hearty Style Campaign
The Universal Design F672i launches September 5, 2003. This is the latest in DoCoMo’s easy-to-use handset series offering a range of innovative and convenient features. As with earlier handsets in the series, three large buttons on the outside of the closed phone each enable one-touch calling to an assigned number without even opening the phone.Likewise, the new F672i enables enlarged text display and voice output of various content.Of particular note, however, is the fact that the handset is the world’s first to be equipped with a pedometer function.

Of course the real fun started when they opened to the floor for questions, what would ‘YOU’ liked to have ask..?!? Perhaps in the future with a little more Nihongo practice we will actually get to ask him a question or 2 on WWJ subscribers behalf..!! Meanwhile the local heavy weight print Jurno’s pitched a few good requests for info. his way.

As many of the comments in todays episode are not available – especially to this extend -in any other media, we hope you will agree this program demonstrates the value of a Wireless Watch subscription. It’s going to be an exciting fall season here with upcoming events and coverage that you won’t get anywhere else.. so stay tuned.

— The Editors.