KDDI to Open New Sales Offices in China
KDDI to Open New Sales Offices in China

KDDI to Open New Sales Offices in China

KDDI to Open New Sales Offices in China

KDDI’s local subsidiary in China, KDDI Shanghai will establish a sales office in Wuxi City Jiangsu Province, and KDDI China will establish another sales office in Dalian City, Liaoning Province. These new offices, combined with the existing offices of the KDDI group, will enable KDDI to cover 80% of those areas in China that have Japanese companies based in them. Therefore KDDI will be able to respond quickly to the communications needs of client companies.

Going forward, KDDI will aggressively pursue business development in a Chinese marketthat is becoming known as the factory of the world, and where many Japanese companies arenow expanding their business operations.
Details are provided in the attachment.

1.Opening of the Wuxi sales office of KDDI Shanghai

KDDI Shanghai, a Chinese subsidiary and a joint venture of KDDI and China TelecomShanghai, will open a new sales office in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province at the end ofAugust.

Wuxi and Suzhou are at the center of the Yangtze Delta Economic Zone, and is the areawhere many Japanese companies have chosen to establish their businesses in China, startingwith manufacturers selling their products in China. Notably, in 2002, Wuxi was the mostpopular choice of Japanese companies establishing operations in China.

KDDI is the first Japanese telecommunications service provider to launch a sales office inthis region, giving them an operating base in a region that is expected to see many moreJapanese companies establish a base. KDDI in Wuxi will provide total solutions to clients,and will strengthen sales activities for telecommunications network consulting and thebuilding of network systems, engineering and maintenance.

Details of the Wuxi sales office are as follows.
Name: Wuxi office of Shanghai KDDI Communications Engineering Co., Ltd.Location: Room E, 18th Floor, Orient Plaza, 343 Zhongshan Road, Wuxi, JiangsuRepresentative: Shunichi KarasawaDate of establishment: End of August 2003 (scheduled) Operations: Provision of SI services, provision of support for constructing domestic and international networks in China,among others in Yangtze Delta Economic Zone (excluding Shanghai).
2.Opening of the Dalian sales office of KDDI China

KDDI China, a joint venture of KDDI and Toyota Tsusho Corporation, will establish a salesoffice in Dalian City, Liaoning Province in early September 2003 at the latest.

Until now, KDDI has operated a representative office in Dalian.In Dalian, therepresentative office has obtained a sales license and will be expanding its scope ofoperations, and will begin activities as the Dalian sales office of KDDI China.
The Japanese companies are advancing into Liaoning Province, notably Dalian, in a fasterpace. In addition to manufacturers, they are primarily players in the software industriesand call center operators taking advantage of the large availability of the Japanesespeaking resources.

By establishing a sales office in Dalian, KDDI will engage in sales activities related tothe provision of telecommunications networks and the building of telecommunicationssystems. Therefore, KDDI will be able to provide a fuller service and customer support toJapanese companies operating in the three Chinese northeastern provinces, namely Liaoning,Jilin and Heilongjiang.

Details of the Dalian sales office are as follows.
Name: Dalian Office of KDDI China CorporationLocation: 12th Floor, Senmao Building, 147, Zhongshan road, Xigang District, Dalian, Liaoning Representative: Michiyuki KawanishiDateof establishment: Early September 2003 (scheduled) Operations: Provision of SI services,provision of support for constructing domestic and international networks in China, among others in the three northeastern provinces of China including Liaoning.

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