First International Moblog Conference
First International Moblog Conference

First International Moblog Conference

First International Moblog Conference

The 1imc is the first-ever gathering of everyone interested in moblogging, whether that interest is primarily in developing tools, platforms and standards to enable the practice, marketing products and services to support it, or in actually going out and doing it! This event is dedicated to the theory and experience of mobile Web publishing, with sessions focused on both technical and social aspects of this exploding practice. This Conference was explicitly chartered to introduce those developing the tools to those using them, and vice versa, so that interfaces and feature sets can be better tuned to the needs and desires of the emerging user base.

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“We want to acquaint platform/tool/devicemakers, software developers, service providers and marketing companies with their next major market and its desires. We hope to allow creative cross-fertilization and networking between all the above groups.”


Synopsis: The morning’s proceedings are devoted to an examination of the commercial side of mobile Web publishing. We’ll be discussing potential business models and the size of the prospective market, as well as demoing a few commercial moblogging products.

Up first at 10.30 is PHLOG.NET‘sAlan Bradburne, discussing this hosted mobile photoblogging solution and the community that has grown up around it.

Following at 11.00 is a panel on MOBLOGGING AS A BUSINESS,moderated by venture capitalist and all-around provocateur Joi Ito, and featuring Scott S. Fisher of the University of Southern California, JNutella‘sYuichi Kawasaki, Takashi Tostuka of Sony Corporation’s Contents and Applications Lab and other participants TBA.

After the panel, we’ll take a short coffee break to give people a first chance to introduce themselves to each other and discuss the concepts presented, reconvening at 12.15for a special presentation from Molly Wright Steenson, Associate Professor of Connected Communities at the Interaction DesignInstitute Ivrea.

Are moblogs ready for the business market, or are they just a teen pastime? Find out at12.45 when Roger Fischer of presents MOBLOGS: FROM THE MOB INTOTHE CORPORATION? Roger will look at the moblog business case, and put his money where his mouth is by presenting the launch of KAYWA Ltd and their suite of services for the mobile Internet.

Between 13.15 and 14.15 attendees will be provided a bento-style lunch.


Synopsis: In the afternoon we’ll turn from commercial concerns to the experiences of those people actually building and using mobile Web publishing tools and services, including some exciting ideas about location-based “annotated reality” and memory augmentation.

Kicking off the afternoon session at 14.15 is the T”O”RIPSPACE TEAM – AyakoIdate, Maki Toida and Tomoko Yagi from Tama Art University, presenting their innovative location-based shared memory system.

At 14.45 we’ll enjoy a discussion on MOBLOGGING SERVICES.Kevin Cameron and Daiji Hirata will talk about the various hacks and work arounds they’ve used to port content from phones and mobile devices to the Web. They will be joined by Hiptop Nation’s Mike Popovic and morning session presenters Alan Bradburne and Roger Fischer.

At 15.45, we’re pleased to invite pioneer mobloggers Mie Kennedy, Carsten Schwesig and Stuart Woodward to discuss their experiences as EARLIEST ADOPTERS, in a roundtable moderated by journalist and primordial blogger Justin Hall.

From 16.15 there will be another brief coffee break, followed at 16.30by USC’s Tatsuya Saitowith a presentation on his work around SEMANTICALLY ANNOTATED PLACES.

Finally, at 17.00 we’ll hear from 1IMC coordinator Adam Greenfield, wrapping the Conference up and challengingus to look beyond this year’s model, with a presentation entitled WHATEVERHAPPENED TO SERENDIPITY?, or Life in a Thoroughly-Moblogged Land.