Nokia Japan Introduces UniFEP for Communicator (Japanese)- Nokia Software Market
Nokia Japan Introduces UniFEP for Communicator (Japanese)- Nokia Software Market

Nokia Japan Introduces UniFEP for Communicator (Japanese)- Nokia Software Market

Nokia Japan Introduces UniFEP for Communicator (Japanese)- Nokia Software Market

Heikki Tenhunen President of Nokia Japan states, “Nokia welcomes Enfour joining Nokia’s developers’ community with its “UniFEP for Communicator” for Nokia 9210i Communicator. This kind of activity really proves its openness of Symbian technology bringing exciting business opportunities for independent software developers.

“Enfour is the first Japanese developer, supported by Forum Nokia, to register Nokia Software Market. We would like to invite more Japanese developers to join our developer community and to find business opportunities by developing software based on open platform.”

Enfour, Inc. President, Richard Northcott, adds, “Enfour is proud to assist Nokia by providing input software for emerging markets. Nokia’s top-of-the-line devices are ideal showplaces for cutting-edge mobile solutions. Non-European markets are in desperate need of localized solutions to support all the information services that elsewhere take for granted. Asia is the perfect location to bring everything together and provide integrated products that fill the information gap.”
Enfour’s Japanese and future language solutions will be found at:

About UniFEP for Communicator:
“UniFEP for Communicator” (Japanese) is the latest Enfour release in the UniFEP family of titles. Suitable for use on the “Nokia 9210i Communicator”, UniFEP enables the input and display of Japanese kana and kanji in all of the built-in applications such as “Agenda”, “Contacts” as well as the business applications of “Word” and “Sheet”. When used in conjuction with the GSM network, the sending and receiving of Japanese emails as well as web-surfing Japanese sites is possible.

System Requirements
Compatible device: NOKIA 9210i
File size: 2136 K
Application Version: 1.02.04

Additional requirements:
“PC Suite for Nokia 9210i Communicator” with Windows OS
MMC card.

“UniFEP for Communicator” was first launched in December 2002 on the Enfour on-line store. For original Japanese release see here

This is the first product from Enfour, Inc. to be relased with Nokia Software Market and is priced at ?82.50

About the Nokia 9210i Communicator:
New features of the Nokia 9210i Communicator with its improved Web browser, streaming capability, and secure access to corporate networks make it ideal for business and corporate users that need to work outside the office

* Cellular mobile phone (handsfree, handset, and headset use)
* Desk application with background image and links
* Messaging includes SMS, fax, and email
* Internet includes Web and WAP
* Contacts
* Calendar
* Office includes word processor, spreadsheet, presentation viewer, and file manager
* Extras: Calculator, clock, recorder, RealOne Player, imaging (digital camera connectivity), control panel, data mover, Internet startup, help, fax modem, and cell broadcast

Purchase on-line from Club NOKIA Japan:

About UniFEP:
UniFEP is an input system that simultaneously enables multiple Asian or other scripts via both pen or keyboard. UniFEP is an multi-platform, open architecture that provides full third-party APIs via an online SDK. It supports handwriting recognition extensions and by using plug-ins for encodings; dictionary and code-based input logic; and multiple font modules, UniFEP the most flexible and expandable language solution available on any handheld platform. With up-to-date and culturally sensitive dictionary-based resources, UniFEP has an in-depth knowledge of the languages it supports. UniFEP was first released in Japanese for the Newton in 1994 and has since been launched on Pocket PC, .NET and Symbian Devices in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian and Greek with more languages and platforms under development.

Forum Nokia
Forum Nokia,, is the on-line community for third party developers creating mobile applications. Registered members can find a wide range of development tools, supporting documents and meet other developers on-line. Additionally, registering enables members to customize Forum Nokia to meet their specific professional needs and preferences. Forum Nokia also provides business opportunities through its developer programs by offering tailored support of the entire production chain for those interested in a closer co-operation with Nokia. Nokia Developer NetPoint, accessible via Forum Nokia, provides application developers with business to business opportunities and early access to Nokia’s Mobile Internet solutions. The Forum Nokia site was established in 1995 and has currently over 900,000 members.

Nokia Software Market
The Nokia Software Market operated by Digital River, , is where users can customize their Nokia 9210 Communicators with innovative mobile applications, specifically created for the device by various developers. For developers, the Nokia Software Market offers an efficient channel to sell their most innovative mobile software.

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