Epson Develops Industry's First Processor for Camera-Phones
Epson Develops Industry's First Processor for Camera-Phones

Epson Develops Industry's First Processor for Camera-Phones

Epson Develops Industry's First Processor for Camera-Phones

Seiko Epson Corporation has recently developed the S1C33L11, a 32-bit RISC-based processor that incorporates image processing functionality (a “mobile graphics engine”) and is intended for camera-equipped mobile phones. The new chip not only offers JPEG processing speeds that are 15 times faster than earlier products*, it also consumes 80% less power and occupies 60% less board real estate. This product reduces the number of discrete LSI chips needed on a camera-equipped mobile device. It also lightens the load on the base-band engine and reduces product size, weight, power consumption, and cost. Epson also developed the S1C33301, a version of the RISC chip that does not contain the mobile graphics engine.

The S1C33L11 will be available in sample quantities starting in mid-September, for 1,650yen apiece. Samples of the S1C33301 will begin shipping in mid-July and are priced at 850yen. Volume production is scheduled to start in the fall of this year, with monthly volume expected to be a combined 1 million units.

Product Overview

Epson’s independently developed S1C33 series of 32-bit RISC processors have a command set that achieves high code efficiency and multiply-accumulate (MAC) functionality. They are designed particularly for multimedia processing of voice and pictures. These chips operate at the high-speeds and ultra-low power consumption demanded by advanced mobile devices.


The burden on the CPU for image processing is greatly reduced by incorporating Epson’s “Mobile Graphics Engine” display controller and by using hardware to implement the main- and sub-panel interface for mobile phones, JPEG codec, and camera interface. The JPEG codec in particular is considerably faster than JPEG software processing (approximately 15 times faster that Epson’s previous fastest), with low power consumption. Furthermore, a specialized accelerator is incorporated for USB 1.1 peripherals, a SmartMedia/multimedia card interface, and real-time movie processing software (Nancy CODEC R). Data communications with a PC and smooth movie display can be easily realized.

By using Epson’s microfabrication process and ultra-low leak technologies, power consumption has been reduced to approximately one-fifth that of earlier Epson products (operating frequency 50 MHz, not using Mobile Graphics Engine function). The S1C33L11 is encased in a small, 12 x 12 x 1.8 mm package (208-pin PFBGA), reducing the space requirement to approximately one-third that required when using a processor and LCD controller.

These functions easily enable a single S1C33L11 chip to handle the series of processes from capturing and processing camera photos, to displaying them on an LCD, to communicating data to a PC. Moreover, the new chip can contribute significantly to reducing power consumption, the number of discrete parts, and product development times.


The S1C33301 was realized by removing the image processing function from the S1C33L11, thereby enabling Epson to offer a lower-priced product with wider application. By combining it with Epson’s various ASSP products, a solution appropriate to the user’s system can be provided.

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